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434 Turner dr. #6 Durango, CO 81301 (970) 259-9000

When we first opened our doors at ABC Fire & Safety, we had little more than one account and a few thousand dollars in the bank from the sale of a 1967 Camaro.  We worked hard and it didn’t take very long for our reputation to spread.  Soon we were in the back of our shop pulling apart fire extinguishers at midnight after spending all day in the oil field.  Back in those days, it was just us two brothers, our dad (when he was bored) and occasionally our wives (when they felt sorry for us).  Now we have ten employees, a fleet of emergency air and shower trailers, and a board certified confined space rescue team. Although we have grown, we still have the same core values.  We believe in doing the job right, on time and at a fair price.  We take safety very seriously and always make sure our equipment is checked, double checked, up-to-date, and ready to go.  When safety is involved, it is important to hire someone who is not only knowledgeable but has real-world experience.  We hope things don’t go wrong but when they do, we know how to manage the situation when it is most critical.  When your safety is concerned, we believe in being proactive not reactive.