Hazardous Gas Protection & Safety Services

During extraction, sour gases, Co2, and LEL’s may be released into the atmosphere at wellheads, pumps, piping, separation devices, oil storage tanks, water storage vessels, and during flaring operations. Of these hazards, Hydrogen sulfide (H2s) emissions from oil and gas development pose the most significant threat to anyone exposed to it.  ABC Fire and Safety can help keep you safe and compliant by providing total gas detection equipment and monitoring services.  From drilling rigs to gas plants and pipeline facilities, we have the experience and training needed to keep your people safe and profitable.    

Facts about h2s  (Hydrogen Sulfide)

  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is an extremely hazardous.
  • It is a colorless, flammable gas that can be identified in relatively low concentrations, by a characteristic rotten egg odor.
  • H2s gas is a byproduct of decaying organic matter, particularly under low oxygen conditions. 
  • H2s is naturally found in coal pits, sulfur springs, raw sewage, and gas wells. (too name a few). 
  • Hydrogen sulfide is one of the leading causes of workplace gas inhalation deaths in the United States.
  • A person's ability to detect Hydrogen sulfide is affected by rapid temporary paralysis of the olfactory nerves in the nose, leading to a loss of the sense of smell.  This makes it extremely dangerous to rely totally on the sense of smell as a warning to the presence H2S gas 
  • Prolonged exposures at lower levels can lead to bronchitis, pneumonia, migraine headaches, pulmonary edema, and loss of motor coordination. 
  • Exposures at higher levels can be fatal.

Hazardous gas solutions we provide

·       Incident planning & mitigation
·       Trained and certified gas technicians
·       Continuous gas monitoring
·       Breathing air & supervision trailers
·       State-of-the-art wireless gas detection systems  
·       Gas monitoring equipment sales, rental, cleaning and calibration

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