On-Site safety supervision

Too many injuries happen when no one is responsible for effectively supervising on-site safety.  At ABC Fire & Safety we offer a full range of supervision solutions. Our job is to keep your employees safe even when you are not there!    

The Occupational Health and Safety Act charges you with the obligation to instruct, inform, and supervise workers to protect their health and safety. Some of the duties specified by the Act include:

ABC Fire & Safety provides qualified, experienced field safety coordinators for job-site safety supervision on a  short-term or long-term basis.

All equipment, materials and protective devices prescribed by the Act must be maintained in good order.  Ensure that the above are used in accordance with the     regulations.  Ensure that all hazardous materials in the workplace are identified as defined by OSHA.  Ensure that a worker complies with the act and regulations.  Ensure that any equipment, protective devices or clothing required for safe performance of the job is used or worn by the worker.  Advise a worker of any potential or actual health or safety dangers known by the supervisor.  Take every precaution reasonable in the given circumstances for the protection of the workers.   

Other supervision services we offer are:
Developing Site Safety Plans.   JSA's, Safe Plan of Action and Safety Observation Reports. Implementing Site Safety and Health programs, equipment inspections, air monitoring, and overall safe working conditions on various job sites. Site Control, SOP's, Safe Use of Engineering Controls, the Emergency Response Plan, Confined Space Entry Procedures, Spill Containment Program, and Preparation of Records, Daily Safety and Health Inspections. Conducting Safety Orientations for workers and subcontractors as well as implementation and enforcement of OSHA regulations. Lockout/Tag-Out procedures, Vehicle Entry Permits. Hot Work Permits. Documenting OSHA Recordable, Employee Injuries, and  Contractors SPA's (Safety Plan of Action).